Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bluetooth Watch

You probably thought Bluetooth was just a very cool technology that allows you to share files with others or gives you an un-tethered experience to using your phone or listening to music. Well, step aside; here is the coolest use of Bluetooth I have seen yet.
Sony Ericcson has released a Bluetooth capable watch, the MBW100. This watch has vibration alert, can display the caller Id from your phone and the music from your phone can be controlled from buttons on the watch!
Although I feel the best use of the watch might be along with the use of hands free because if you have to take a look at your watch when you have a call it will obviously delay the time to get your phone out of say your pocket to answer a call. But it could help to prevent you having to pull out your phones for those people you won’t bother talking to any way. And might just prevent your bringing out those very expensive phones in places where u probably don’t feel too safe.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wifi Phones

Imagine This:Using a phone with wifi to login to your MSN, Yahoo chat or Skype accounts, check who is online and make calls to people who might be sitting behind a computer on the other side or using a similar device.
Sounds like a scene from james Bond? Well welcome to living James Bond.

VOIP with a computer was cool but is certainly cooler with a phone!

I stumbled on some phones the other day with messenger functionality. The coolest were the Zyxel P-2000WV2,D- Link

DPH-541 and the UT Starcom F1000. Belkin also has a wifi phone for Skype.
The downside is none of these phones have cellular service and thus they will work only as VOIP phones.

Talk is certainly not just getting cheaper but also more interesting