Monday, August 13, 2007

Extreme Creativity

The latest generations of game consoles are really offering more than a lot of us had ever expected but then it seems that the companies Nintendo and Sony hold back a little in terms of what could be done to take the excitement even further. Both companies have handhelds, Nintendo the Dual Screen and Sony the Playstation Portable.
I feel both companies could have developed new ways of game play with the great capabilities of their hand- helds.
With the touch screen capabilities of the DS and WIFI in the PSP the possibilities are limitless
Imaging connecting a handheld to a console, and taking on an opponent Think of using the PSP as a controller to play the PS3 and getting feed back to the PSP; no need to check the map page anymore? Or have another view for a football game, or imagine having the rear view mirror in a driving game.
Nintendo and Sony should switch on some “extreme creativity”, who knows that might be the killer idea to beat Microsoft which is yet to release a handheld.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Nokia 9300

I had the opportunity of test running a Nokia 9300 the other day and I have to confess I was impressed. The phone comes with Bluetooth, infrared and Wifi Connectivity.
Straight out of the box the phone could handle Microsoft Excel, Word and Adobe PDF documents. I think this is a plus for the non-nerdy executive using a phone like this.
Truth is even with an entry level smart phone like the Nokia 6600 software is available that transforms the phone into a document wizard but the user has to be comfortable with installing the software.
Not to take the shine out of the 9300, my favourite feature was the WIFI. It supports a search for hotspots and in no time I was able to find a hotspot select it and connect with it. There is also support for GPRS through the phone networks so the phone supports more than one option for browsing.
The absence of camera is probably a good idea as carrying a device like that to take a shot just does not feel like a good idea. I don’t know why I feel like that about it.
Nokia did a very good job with the size of this phone and it is not really bulky even with the QWERTY keyboard.
When it all comes down though sometimes I wonder at the appeal of phones like this excluding the “feel good factor”. Take away the WIFI for instance and any Symbian based smart phone with enough memory can just do everything it can do. So I wonder, is it worth its extra price?