Sunday, June 3, 2007

iPod IRead

The most popular feature used by most ipod users is listening to music. Off course this is the easiest and the original focus of the ipod, all you need is just ipod in your pocket and the plugs in your ears.
With the ipod video, watching video on your pod is really cool even though the small size of the screen might not make that an often task. Maybe the iphone with its widescreen will make watching video more on your ipod. The most forgotten feature is probably reading. The ipod supports text files which you can transfer to its notes folder allowing you to read almost anywhere.
If you are like me I used to carry a series 60 Symbian based phone and I used to put stuffs on it and movie scripts in text form and read whenever I get the opportunity in traffic, when I am not working or any other time it feels cool. And right now I carry a PSP with me because I found out I could also transfer files to it and read on the go.
The only downside is the ipod only supports text based file types and small sized files. You won’t be reading any novels on your ipod. But at least it could serve as an easy way to carry short text based information with you.