Saturday, January 5, 2008

Safari Bombs

It all started some weeks ago. I sat in front of two laptops; an apple 17 inch G4 and a Dell which paled in comparison. I was using a wireless link and was online using the Safari Browser and Internet boring Explorer on the Dell. Being an ardent Apple fan who followed its innovations and business I felt on top of the world. The dell machine had virus issues I was sorting out. It wasn’t long before I noticed that there was a slight latency on the Safari that I did not notice on the Dell machine. Well I didn’t take that seriously since Apple claimed its Safari was the fastest browser.
Leaving that office for home I downloaded the Safari for windows and took it with me home with plans of installing it and using it at my office.
Being a web developer I am a fan of web browsers because I have to see how my work comes out in different browsers and on my windows machine at my office, where I have Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera Installed it wasn’t long before I noticed that the Safari was the slowest!
Even offline making use of my PHP, MYSQL and Apache setup to test my Joomla applications, not only was Safari the slowest but when I create hyperlinks in my content they don’t work after even in the other browsers! I was so un-impressed with Safari I had to cut short its “Safari” with an un-install.
Everybody claims that its product is the best but for real I expect nothing but the best from Apple not only in products even in the claims it makes! I hope that next time I install Safari I won’t have to uninstall it when I find out it is getting in the way of my productivity not aiding it.