Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Should I use Blackberry Messenger to Connect With My Audience?

A lot organisations and individuals now display their Blackberry PIN for customers, consumers and others to follow them and keep in touch with them easily.

I am skeptical of using Blackberry for that purpose. While I think that the Blackberry messenger is a great application for friends to get quick information update, I am not sure this works well for organisations for the following reasons:

1. Blackberry Messenger is a closed platform. This means that only those using Blackberry phones will have access to your information.
2. Since other mobile phone companies like Apple and Samsung have their own chat platforms, will you be planning to have multiple devices to connect to other platform users? Or you just connect with the blackberry users and forget all the others.
3. Even with the popularity of the Blackberry phones in Nigeria, believe it or not there are still more people in Nigeria Using Nokia phones to browse the internet.
4. A lot of Nigerians still use only a laptop or a desktop to access the internet.

5. It is limited to 2000 connections so when your organisation or group followership gets above 2000 will you be willing to migrate them to another platform or leave them at that number?

6. Because it is device specific what do you do if the phone gets missing or gets faulty or is stolen?  Simply forgetting to charge the phone could mean a post might be delayed.

7. Any phone with a working Blackberry messenger also has email active and can have access to Twitter and Facebook. And all these platforms are not limited to the Blackberry platform. So why limit yourself?

8. Your Posts or messages will be received only on mobile devices. This limits the possibilities of what you can post or send.
9.  Imagine sending a link to your YouTube page, while the Blackberry can actually view this, streaming video is charged for Blackberry phones in Nigeria and this could discourage people following the link.
10. While you can block a malicious follower on Twitter and block an email addresses, Blackberry Messenger allows the sending of PIN to PIN messages which will be delivered even if the two users are not connected.

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